Credit Account Set-up

If you have registered as a Private Customer, you are not able to open a credit account and must pay by card or download a credit application form.

How to Open a Credit Account

If you are buying resources on behalf of a Local Authority backed school, charity or business, then it's likely that you can set-up your account on credit terms (30 days from date of invoice).

Simply complete the registration process by selecting either:

After completing your details we'll send you an email confirming your *registration approval. If you have registered as a corporation or charity, you will then need to contact our Accounts Dept on 01543 459070 or

They will need to conduct a credit risk assessment on your establishment, so please have your Company Registration number or Charity number ready.

In the mean time you're free to browse and store items in your basket while waiting for your account confirmation, but you won't be able to complete an order until your account has been activated, unless you pay by card.

* Please be aware that account registration can take up to 24 hours before activation can be completed.

Card Payments

Costcutters care about your security and make every effort to ensure our transaction process is safe and that your personal information is secure. You can pay by using the following credit or debit cards:

We only accept UK registered cards and do not currently accept American Express.

If you are not able to pay by card it is possible to pay by cheque. Please phone 01543 459070 and speak to one of our team.

Verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code

What is it? participates in Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code for added online payment security. These services are offered by Visa and MasterCard, in association with the bank that has issued your credit / debit card. It is aimed at protecting your details when shopping online by ensuring your card is not being used by someone else.

What will I see?

If your card qualifies and you haven't yet registered, simply follow the onscreen instructions. This process will create an online code (different to your card PIN - an online PIN equivalent) for use on and other participating websites.

This is a completely secure process. The information you provide is completely private, will only be visible to you and your card issuer, and would never be shared with other parties.

If you're unsure about this new service, you may be able to complete your order without registering but your card issuer will eventually require you to register to continue shopping online.

Having Difficulty?

If you would like to learn more about these services or have any difficulty with the process, please contact your card issuer who should be able to assist you. Alternatively, you can always place your order or call our customer service team on 01543 495070.

How to minimise the risk of authorisation being refused by your card issuer:

I have put in my card details but they aren't being accepted. Why?

This could be due to a number of reasons.

You need to make sure that the invoice address is exactly the same as the address where the card is registered to - the one on your statements.

It could also be the card you are using: we don't accept American Express and some types of MasterCard.

Another possible reason is that the payment could not be authorised because the necessary funds were not available (note that payment is taken straight away).

If you have checked these possibilities and are still experiencing problems in completing your order, please call: 01543 459070